Important Announcement: Hybrid Connect is Now Thrive Leads!

Hybrid Connect, long-time king of opt-in plugins for WordPress, has finally been dethroned...

By Thrive Leads, a new plugin made by the same team. Thrive Leads beats Hybrid Connect in every aspect, hands down. Click the button below to check it out!

Show Me Hybrid Connect Successor!

Hybrid Connect now Integrates with WYSIJA

WYSIJA is a cool plugin that some people use as a self hosted post notification and autoresponder tool. We’ve had a number of requests to integrate with WYSIJA and I’m pleased to say that it’s now possible to gather your newsletter subscriptions for WYSIJA by making use of all Hybrid Connect’s features.

Video Demo

Here’s a quick video, showing how easily you can integrate Hybrid Connect and your newsletter plugin:

How Does this Work?

As a WYSIJA customer (of either the free or premium version) you can set up your mailing list and autoresponder in your WordPress dashboard. When you’re ready to place lead capture forms on your web site, you can tell Hybrid Connect that you’d like to sign people up to WYSIJA in the matter of a few clicks:-

Hybrid Connect will automatically show all the mailing lists that you have in your WYSIJA account. Simply tick the lists that you want people to be subscribed to for the opt in form in question, select the thank you page and choose whether you want to capture name or name and email address.

Autoresponders, WYSIJA, GoToWebinar, Facebook App & your Blog… at the Same Time!

It’s now possible for you to create a signup process so that your leads are connected to webinars, external autoresponders (like Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, MailChimp, OfficeAutopilot and Infusionsoft), WYSIJA, your Facebook application and your own blog (as a registered member) at the click of a button.

Of course, most people won’t need this – but it’s nice to know that the choice is yours, right?

Hybrid Connect is Now Thrive Leads!

We've replaced the Hybrid Connect plugin with a WordPress list-building plugin that is superior in every possible way. Click the button below to see for yourself.

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Thanks Paul and Shane,

You answered my request. Guess I was the first one to request this integration about a month back. I have a query though:

WYSIJA (premium) is installed on my main domain but I use the iframe form it outputs to capture leads on 2 sub-domains. If I buy (again) Hybrid-Connect and install it on the 2 sub-domains, will it still integrate with WYSIJA iframe (or HTML) code?

    Paul McCarthy

    Hi Trishan, I believe yes – as long as you can get custom HTML form code then you can use to subscribe people up through Hybrid Connect.

    However, in that setup, you won’t actually use the WYSIJA integration – you’d simply use the custom HTML integration. The WYSIJA integration is for when you have Hybrid and WYSIJA installed on the same WordPress blog.

    If you can email me some custom HTML that WYSIJA generates to capture leads, I’ll do a test and give you a more definitive answer. The best place to submit is here: and I’ll get back to you quickly with a certain answer.


    Great to see another Wysija user, Trishan.
    I must have been the second person requesting it then :)

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